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Rocky Fork Headley Hunt is a fox hunt club whose headquarters are located at 5159 Clark State Road, Gahanna, Ohio. Founded over 85 years ago, it is still thriving today with over 100 members. RFHH follows long standing traditions in which the thrill of riding to hounds is provided, with members wearing classic attire, using English tack. The mounted huntsman directs the hounds, who respond to the various calls of the hunting horn, with caution exercised not to harm foxes or coyotes whose scent they follow.

In addition to Gahanna, Rocky Fork Headley Hunt has hunting privileges at locations in Licking County including Jersey Township, Granville, and Alexandria. Our hunt season runs mid August through early April (excluding January), and we typically hunt one weekday and one day on the weekend throughout the season, with some additional hunting on holidays. Various levels of riding speed in the hunt are offered, to suit equestrians of all backgrounds, including those relatively new to riding in the open.

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