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Rocky Fork Headley Hunt Junior Rider Scholarship Fund

OVERVIEW:  The Rocky Fork Headley Hunt Junior Rider Scholarship Fund (“RFJRSF”) provides scholarship, tuition assistance, and vocational training funds to RFHH Junior Members.

AWARD SUMMARY:  RFJRSF is open to Junior Members 22 years of age or younger. Awards are granted annually at the discretion of the RFJRSF Committee. Pro-rata awards may be made to more than one Junior Member.

GOAL:  The goal of the RFJRSF is to attract new Junior Members who will actively participate in and develop their leadership skills in RFHH activities.

POTENTIAL MEMBERS:  Children of RFHH members, Pony Club, USEA, USHJA, USEF, and other young riders located throughout Central Ohio are potential members.

FUNDRAISING:  Funding for RFJRSF is through donations and fundraising activities which include concession sales at hunter paces, fundraising dinners, junior clinics, raffle ticket sales, silent auctions, tack cleaning, and tack swaps.

QUALIFICATIONS TO APPLY FOR SCHOLARSHIP FUNDS:  To be considered, applicants must meet the following criteria:

        • 22 years old or younger

        • RFHH member for two years or longer

        • GPA of 3.5 or higher

        • Attendance at ten or more hunts or social functions

        • Attendance at private or public secondary school or preparation for attendance to a two or four year college, vocational school or training for a career in the equestrian industry

 APPLICATION DEADLINE:  A type written funding request outlining why the applicant feels they are deserving of an award must be submitted to a Committee Member by Feb 15th.  Awards are presented at the annual Thrills & Spills party.

SCHOLARSHIP RESERVES:  In the event RFSF maintains a reserve account, it will be invested in short-term investment grade securities.

Contact:  Joan Promen  •  614-306-5477  •

COMMITTEE:  Joan Promen, Chair, Bill Custer & Melissa Kerr (non-voting)

 FUNDRAISING COMMITTEE:  Bill Custer, Melissa Kerr & Joan Promen


Funding Sought For 2014:  $2,000.00