Dedicated to the sport of riding to hounds and conserving wildlife and its habitat...

Rocky Fork Headley Hunt is a fox hunt club dedicated to encouraging the sport of riding to hounds, perpetuating the tradition of foxhunting, and conserving wildlife and its habitat.

RFHH follows long-standing traditions of foxhunting: following hounds on horseback wearing classic English attire and tack. A mounted huntsman directs our foxhounds via horn and voice as they seek the scent of both red fox and coyote.

Various levels of riding speed are offered to suit equestrians of all backgrounds, including those relatively new to riding in the open. Please take the time to browse for information about our Hunt Club and history.

Hunt Highlights

Meet the T Puppies

Spring 2021 brought two new litters of puppies to Rock Fork Headley Hunt. These pups are the future of the...

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