Bob Lindemann Tea House Dedication

On July 9, the members of Rocky Fork Headley Hunt had the honor of announcing the naming of our kennel house in memory of our beloved late MFH, Bob Lindemann. The christening of the Lindemann Teahouse was celebrated by a toast with his signature whiskey sours and in the presence of Bob’s family. All three of Bob’s children—Leila, Emily and Peter—who flew into town to surprise Polly, his wife.

kennelhouseIt was Bob’s idea and perseverance to save the house from certain demolition. He along with many Rocky Fork members pitched in to make it a wonderful place for the hunt club to meet and host our events.

The announcement was made during a splendid pig roast sponsored by the Rocky Fork Hunt’s Gentlemen of the Hunt, in particular Dave and Charles. In addition, there was a fine selection of bourbons for tasting, courtesy of Dennis and Jonna .

Rocky Fork Headley Hunt members look forward to many years celebrating our wonderful sport–and the memory of Bob–at the Lindemann Teahouse!

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