Hunt Highlights

Rocky Fork Headley Hunt is a busy group. There is always something going on. Below are some recent articles on what has happened and will be happening in the future. We also have a very busy Facebook Page where members regularly participate. Be sure and visit. We hope you will give us a Like.

Rocky Fork Facebook Page

MFA Central District Meeting

The first MFHA Central District Meeting held September 15 - 17, 2017 at our home territory in Gahanna. In addition to Rocky Fork Headley Hunt members, there was representation from the Waterloo Hunt (Michigan), Camargo Hunt (Cincinnati), and Miami Valley Hunt...

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Derby Day Party

The members of Rocky Fork Headley Hunt celebrated the 2017 running of the Kentucky Derby with a gathering at The Old Horseshoe Inn in Johnstown Ohio that is owned and operated by hunt members, Dave and Susan Straub. Members enjoyed a lovely buffet and signature drinks...

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Favorite Places

Photographer Chuck Miele's - photographs available for purchase Photographer John McKean - photographs available for purchase Miami Valley Hunt - [Dayton, Ohio] Camargo Hunt - [Northern Kentucky] Chagrin Valley Hunt - [Chagrin Falls] Redtail Ridge Farm - is a 97-acre...

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Blessing of the Hounds, 2016

Forty-seven riders enjoyed the cool, glorious weather on Saturday, November 5 to participate in the Blessing of the Hounds ceremony. Following the ceremony and hunt, 106 riders and friends enjoyed a delicious brunch. Thanks to Kate and Melissa, Blessing and Brunch...

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Pace at the Park 2016

We had a beautiful day for the July 16th, 2016 Pace at the Park. Thanks to everyone who came out to Infirmary Mound Park to participate. We had a record turnout of 152 riders. The Licking Park District did a great job of hosting this event. The park and course were...

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Bob Lindemann Tea House Dedication

On July 9, the members of Rocky Fork Headley Hunt had the honor of announcing the naming of our kennel house in memory of our beloved late MFH, Bob Lindemann. The christening of the Lindemann Teahouse was celebrated by a toast with his signature whiskey sours and in...

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Horse Show Highlights

June 25, 2016 was the perfect day and Redtail Ridge Farm the perfect host for the 2nd Rocky Fork Headley Hunt Benefit Horse Show to help support our hounds. There were hunt-themed classes for all ages from leadline to adult, class options for non-jumping and jumping...

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Foxhunting Attire

Prescribed attire reflects the age-old traditions of our sport and contributes to the pageantry, which makes it such a memorable experience for us all. Foxhunting attire varies according to gender, seniority, and informal-versus-formal season. The following code of...

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