Derby Day Party

The members of Rocky Fork Headley Hunt celebrated the 2017 running of the Kentucky Derby with a gathering

Favorite Places

Below are some of our member’s favorite horse places and people:

Blessing of the Hounds, 2016

Forty-seven riders enjoyed the cool, glorious weather on Saturday, November 5 to participate in the Blessing of the Hounds ceremony.

Bob Lindemann Tea House Dedication

On July 9, the members of Rocky Fork Headley Hunt had the honor of announcing the naming of our kennel house in memory of our beloved late MFH, Bob Lindemann.

Foxhound Blues Night

June 4, 2016 – The Foxhound Blues Night was the BEST PARTY EVER! Incredible

Foxhunting Attire

Prescribed attire reflects the age-old traditions of our sport and contributes to the pageantry, which makes it such a memorable experience for us all.

Blessing of the Hounds

This religious ceremony of the Blessing of the Hounds, on or near St. Hubert’s Day,

Foxhunting Demonstration

Hopefully, this video will provide you with some information on foxhunting and how to prepare your horse riding with others in the field.

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