Joint Masters of Foxhounds

Sharon Chappelear
Sally Crane Cox
David Straub
Stephanie Phillips

Honorary Huntsmen

Sally Crane Cox
Stephanie Phillips

Honorary Field Secretary

Mara Lewis

Honorary Whippers-In

Cary Cox  •  Charles and Danielle Meggyesy Dougan  •  Mark Masters  and Donna Masters •  Elaine May  •  Stephanie Ferris Jones  •  Paige Liptak  •  Jill Kelly •  Sharon Chappelear • Neil and Robyn Fillman •  Elaine May •  Dianne McMullen •  Tyler Shelley Phillips

Honorary Fieldmasters

Mara Lewis  •  John McKean  •  Kate Rigg  •  Kathy Smith •  Dave Straub  •  Susan Straub  •  Mary Wayman •  Jeanny Simantis •  Donna Masters

Fixture Captains

Kennels – Sally Crane Cox
Jersey – Sharon Chappelear & Stephanie Phillips
Taft Reserve – David Straub & Mark Masters
Gibson/Custer – Sally Crane Cox & Bill Custer

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