Rocky Fork Headley Hunt Staff

Joint Masters of Foxhounds

Sharon Chappelear
Sally Crane Cox
David Straub
Stephanie Phillips

Honorary Huntsmen

Sally Crane Cox
Stephanie Phillips

Honorary Field Secretary

Mara Lewis

Honorary Whippers-In

Cary Cox  •  Charles and Danielle Meggyesy Dougan  •  Mark Masters  and Donna Masters •  Elaine May  •  Stephanie Ferris Jones  •  Paige Liptak  •  Jill Kelly •  Sharon Chappelear • Neil and Robyn Fillman •  Elaine May •  Dianne McMullen •  Tyler Shelley Phillips

Honorary Fieldmasters

Mara Lewis  •  John McKean  •  Kate Rigg  •  Kathy Smith •  Dave Straub  •  Susan Straub  •  Mary Wayman •  Jeanny Simantis •  Donna Masters

Fixture Captains

Kennels – Sally Crane Cox
Jersey – Sharon Chappelear & Stephanie Phillips
Taft Reserve – David Straub & Mark Masters
Gibson/Custer – Sally Crane Cox & Bill Custer

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