Hunter Paces

Hunter Paces

RFHH invites you to enjoy hunter paces with us!  Hunter paces are fun, lightly competitive rides through our beautiful hunt territory.

Teams of 2 or 3 riders choose from fast, moderate, or slow paces and attempt to ride the course in the optimal time for their chosen speed.  Riders generally encounter a variety of terrain, from open meadows to wooded trails, stream crossings and hills on the 4 to 6 mile long course.  A variety of jumps appear throughout the course, but jumping is strictly optional.

Ribbons are awarded to the top eight teams riding each pace. Come early and ride twice! Below are the division speeds and start times:

First Flight
Second Flight
Third Flight
Please visit this page next spring for more information on the 2018 Hunter Pace Series

Questions?  Contact the Rocky Fork Pace Chair.