Hunter Paces

We are excited about taking the RFHH pace series on the road to Twin Towers. This facility is designed for cross country events – so spectators will have great views! AND we will have a water jump!
RFHH will also be assisting the Licking County Park District for their Pace in the Park in July. Stay Tuned for more information.
Paces start at 9:00 am with the first horse on couse.
Rain dates are the following Saturday of the scheduled pace.

About RFHH Hunter Paces

Hunter paces are fun, lightly competitive rides through our beautiful hunt territory. Teams of 2 or 3 riders choose from fast, moderate, or slow paces and attempt to ride the course in the optimal time for their chosen speed.  Riders generally encounter a variety of terrain, from open meadows to wooded trails, stream crossings, and hills on the 4 to 7-mile long course.  A variety of jumps appear throughout the course, but jumping is strictly optional.

Ribbons are awarded to the top eight teams riding each pace. Come early and ride twice! Below are the division speeds and start times:

  • First Flight 10 mph is for the most aggressive riders, and mimics hunting first field.  Average speed is a slow gallop with occasional breathers. These riders start on course in the first half-hour between 9 a.m. and 9:30 a.m so they won’t be passing slower riders.
  • Second Flight 7 mph is for moderate riders, like hunting second field.  Most riders trot and canter interspersed with short walks.  Note, you will be sharing the course with slower riders, and, for safety, we ask that you slow to the walk or slow trot and ask permission to pass.
  • Scenic Cruisers  at 4 mph is like our hilltopping third field.  Average speed is a brisk walk with an occasional trot. Expect to be passed by faster teams and, where possible, you should move to the side and turn your horse’s head to face the other horses in a hunting maneuver called “making way”.
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