My riding story began 10 years ago at the age of five.  My first lesson was on Pam Graham’s pony named Luv-it.  This lesson would spark my passion for riding.  Pam taught me the most valuable lessons to become a true horsewoman.  She nurtured my love for the horse.  As a young girl, I spent every waking moment riding and taking care of the horses on our farm.  Pam’s passing was a devastating loss but I truly feel as though she is with me always and every time I ride.  After seven years of riding many horses on our farm, we decided it was time to find a horse to call my own.  A thoroughbred named Indy Afternoon found me and would become my first horse.  He is one of the biggest blessings in my life.  Indy and I have grown so much together under the direction and training of Bev Newton.  Our favorite pastime is playing in the woods, riding for hours and enjoying the beautiful countryside at Timber Run, my family farm.  I feel as though foxhunting was always meant to be in my future.  Pam would be so proud.  I am excited to share this new adventure with my favorite partner, Indy Afternoon.


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