I am a long-time “friend” of the hunt, having attended multiple events and activities over the years as a tag-along to Danielle and Charles Dugan. I grew up riding, starting with pony lessons and soon graduating to horses, being exceptionally taller than most 5-year-olds. I was forced to share my first horse with my older sister, but learned invaluable skills like doing all the sweeping and cleaning while the big sister got to ride.

I have dappled in most styles of riding, but in college joined (with Danielle as my coach) the OSU collegiate polo team, which transitioned to playing with the Columbus Polo Club for several years. It was there that I started hearing about and attending hunter paces, and learning of the foxhunting world and ways.

Horse ownership had to take a backseat while attending law school, but now that I am established as an attorney, first with Lee Smith & Associates (workers’ compensation defense and equine law), and now at Smith, Rolfes & Skavdahl (insurance and veterinary malpractice defense firm in downtown Columbus) I have, with his permission, taken on ownership of a very handsome “devil” of a horse, Devon, and board at Devon’s long-time home at Trinity Farm. The rest is history, since it is virtually unheard of for a boarder at Trinity Farm to not fall in love with foxhunting.

When not riding or working, I am typically hanging out with my husband, Brian Nemec, and our three dogs, Madison, Lincoln, and new puppy Juno. Our family is avid “outdoors people,” and frequently are hiking, camping, canoeing, etc. Brian is also a rider, and is looking at becoming more involved in the hunt in the future as well. If I’m not doing any of the above items, you may also find me at Equus Now, where I periodically help out in return for a discount on “presents” for Devon.

I look forward to joining RFHH as a full-fledged member, as the reception I have received as a non-member has been exceptionally warm and welcoming. Cheers!

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