Stacy Endres-Dighe is a research epidemiologist with a background in chronic and infectious disease research and environmental sciences. She received her Master’s in Public Health from the University of Michigan and has nearly a decade of wide-ranging research experience in Africa, Asia, the Middle East and South America. Her husband, Girish (aka Gary) is a Pharmacist and serves as the Financial Integrity Manager at Ohio Health’s corporate office.

From adolescence to adulthood, horses have always played an integral role in Stacy’s life. As a child, after years of persistent begging, weekly lessons, and enough Breyer horses to fill a small warehouse, her parents took the plunge into Equestrian ownership. Stacy received her first horse, a barrel-racing pony, at the age of 8 and showed primarily 4-H. At 12 years she fell head-over heels for a Paint gelding and proceeded to show him at APHA circuit shows through college. During her undergraduate years, at Michigan State University, she worked on the vet farm and also served as a student teacher for Draft Horse Basics where she trained students how to harness, drive and log-with various draft breeds. The doomed day finally came while in graduate school, when her board became more then her rent, and resulted in Stacy selling her horse. A graduate degree and international research resulted in a 6 year hiatus from horses.

Stacy and Gary moved to Columbus from Washington, DC in 2013. What at first was a daunting move, for a born and bred Michigander, had a silver lining – the opportunity to ride again! Stacy leased a Paint for 2 years doing mostly trail riding and flat work. She is now leasing a Holsteiner/Thoroughbred cross named Dante, training to event with Paige Liptak (at Trinity Farms), and aspires to join the Rocky Fork Headley Hunt fox hunting club.

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