Tyler grew up in Wilton, CT and was involved in pony club and eventing for as long as she can remember.   She and her noble steed, Manny “The Mad Hatter”, enjoyed eventing through training level, fox hunting and general pony club goofiness.  Sadly, Manny retired around the same time Tyler went off to college.  Tyler studied marine biology at Northeastern University where she got to do things such as work with the Smithsonian in Panama, take care of a giant Pacific octopus, and assist in the birth to 25 baby anacondas (yes anacondas give live birth and the babies are a tiny 18 inches).  Once graduated, Tyler was asked to join a coral conservation project in Miami, FL where she also had the opportunity to pick up riding again.

Tyler worked with a ‘horse collector’ who bought horses for use on Spanish soap operas.  During that time, Tyler started working with a sassy little roan who couldn’t jump or bend but was a favorite of the TV station for great mind.  Tyler continued to work with her and taught the mare to jump, bend, swim, and everything in between.  At the end of the job, Tyler moved to Ohio for personal reasons and was given the opportunity to purchase the mare.  Thus Tyler and ‘Ember’ (aka ‘Telanovela’) moved to Columbus in May of 2015 and have been enjoying eventing and hunting here ever since.  Tyler currently is a scientific consultant at a food safety firm and is in the process of applying to schools to pursue a PhD in coral ecotoxicology.

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