Thrills and Spills May 2019

It was wonderful seeing the more than 60 members and guests who attended Thrills, Spills, and Chills on the evening of Saturday, April 27. Hope to see you all again (and the rest of you!) in a few weeks for the Bluebell Trail Ride and Potluck on Sunday, May 5, 11 am, at the Kennels. Huge thanks to the Social Committee for hosting the event: Valerie, Stephanie FJ, Linda M, Mara P, Lisby, Jeanny and Loraine.

John McKean Photo

It was a small field of Fearless Fallen, but they valiantly shared their tales of woe. Here’s to a better season next year for Nancy, Valerie, Solange, Paige, Marilee, and Jeanny . Boomer McKean’s name was immortalized on the plaque for “Best- Behaved Field Hunter”, in honor of the tremendous job he does taking care of John and leading First Field. Congratulations, Boomer! Donna was celebrated in absentia for “Most Considerate Rider”. Congratulations, Donna! The huntsmen recognized Neil for his invaluable support in the hound truck and monitoring the GPS by giving him the “Best Staff Member” award. Congratulations, Neil! And, finally, we added a new award this year in honor of the critical role supportive, non-hunting spouses play in the Rocky Fork community. Congratulations, Dave H, on being the first recipient of the “Frank Gibson Award”.

The following volunteers were also singled out for their contributions. Many thanks to:

  • Don, for manning the grill and bringing the party to Wednesday evening hound walks (they start again in June!)
  • Joanne for her tireless work on the Social Committee and clearing trails.
  • Steve and Rick for their contributions to the Blessing of the Hounds.
  • Nancy and Marilee for their invaluable assistance at the paces and with the merchandise sales.

Jeanny and Loraine wrapped up the evening’s presentation by calling out just a few more people for their contributions: The MFH for the work they do all year –

  • John and Linda for the photo presentation,
  • Dave S for bringing the TV and microphone, and Breanne for creating a brand new piece of artwork for the volunteer t-shirts.
  • Kathy for maintaining our web site.
  • Dennis and Melissa for their work on the Blessing.
  • Joanne and Melissa for their service on the Board.
  • Jill and Donna M for becoming our newest Board members., and
  • the new Hound and Wildlife Habitat and Welfare Fund nonprofit. The Board is chaired by Bruce. Also serving are Debbie B, Neil, Valerie, Dennis, Robyn, Sally, and George.

Many thanks to all who have contributed, whether your name was called this time or not. Enjoy the spring weather, and we look forward to seeing you at our upcoming events!

Submitted by Master Stephanie P

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