Trainer and Coach Program

Whether your chosen field of riding expertise is in the show ring over fences or going down the centerline for dressage, or tackling new trails both in Ohio and afar, fox chasing can provide exceptional cross-training for both horse and rider and we would love to share this opportunity with you!

Because each of us brings with us our own set of riding skills and background, and because we want – above all – for you and your student’s riding experience with Rocky Fork Headley Hunt to be mutually enjoyable and safe, we require trainers and coaches to participate in a short fox-chasing course before bringing students and horses into the field.

Interested trainers and coaches may apply to participate in the half-day course that emphasizes rider/horse/hound safety and gives insight into the traditions and protocols of fox-chasing in general, as well as those specific to the Rocky Fork Headley Hunt. It includes mounted and unmounted phases and is held in conjunction with a regular club mounted hound-walk. Dates and times for the short course will be set on an ‘as needed’ basis, every effort will be made to make this course available to interested (but busy) trainers and coaches!DSC02968

Following successful completion of this course, the coach/trainer may, with permission from a RFHH Master, school a student or horse during hound-walking, a “Ramble” or hunt. ~ Permission to school a student on a hunt day must be obtained from one of the Masters before the day of the hunt, capping fee will apply.

COST There is no fee to apply for or participate in this program, the fox-chasing ‘short course’, or for schooling during regular hound-walks or “Summer Ambles”. However – trainers, coaches and students attending a hunt as participants/guests of this program are assessed fees (“Capping Fees”) as follows:

Schooling/Preparing the Riding StudentTrainers Cap Fee -$40.00*

Student Cap Fee – $40.00**

Schooling/Preparing the HorseTrainer’s Cap Fee $40.00*

*If a non-subscribing member of RFHH is coaching or training under this program, their normal 3 hunt annual limit is waived.
** The student may hunt a total of 3 times ONLY unless application for either subscribing or social membership is made.

For more information, please contact the Membership Chair, Stephanie Phillips, at 614-286-1744 or at

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